We are a cynological association established by experienced breeders. We are an equal cynological association for all legally functioning cynological organizations in Poland. Our Association has a KRS, NIP, REGON number and a veterinary identification number. We operate in accordance with Polish law. We have legal personality and ability to perform legal actions. According to Polish legislation we have the right to issue various types of documents, including pedigrees. We run our own breeding registers, pedigree books and we organize exhibitions of national and international races. The purpose of our work is to promote the breeding and possession of racial dogs - the racial dog is a pedigree dog with documented background.

Our tasks include: Through the organization of exhibitions, shows and races, as well as cooperation with Polish and foreign institutions operating in the field of cynology. The Breed Dog Breed Association permanently cooperates with local authorities and social organizations. All our actions are aimed at the development of Polish kynology at the highest world level. The proper organization of our statutory activities and the work at the grassroots for popularization of racehorses have become a contributing factor to our slogan, "We are always with you and your dogs".

We sincerely invite you to join our Association all people who identifywith the kennel environment and the heart of the dogs, and the idea of ​​popularization of breeding dogs